A mortgage built for contractors

Meet Habito One: the only mortgage you’ll ever need, with an interest rate fixed for the full term. If you’re a contractor, this mortgage is for you.
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Fix your monthly payments forever, even if you move home
You’ll never have to go through the mortgage process again
No exit fee, switch mortgage any time if your plans change
What’s so great about it?

Just 1 year 
of accounts is all you need

We’re one of very few lenders who accept just 1 year’s accounts on your mortgage application, if you’ve been working for yourself for less than 24 months. Deciding to work for yourself shouldn’t limit or delay you from buying a home.
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Never worry about proving yourself again

Because Habito One guarantees your monthly payments forever, you’ll never have to switch your mortgage again if you don’t want to. So you can avoid the stress of jumping between short term deals, having to defend yourself and your finances to lenders every 2 or 5 years. It also means less pressure if you have a bad year in the future – because we never need to see your paperwork again after the first time.

Borrow more
than with other lenders

When you’re self-employed, almost all lenders do ‘stress tests’ to decide how much you can borrow – basically, they create hypothetical scenarios where things go wrong, and see if your finances would hold up. We don’t do that. We just look at your actual finances. Almost always, that means you’ll be able to borrow more.
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Frequently asked questions about Habito One

What are the interest rates?
Why are the interest rates higher than other mortgages?
Why is fixing for longer good if you’re a contractor?
What happens if I move house in the future?
How does Habito One save me money?
Am I eligible?
What are the fees?
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They’ll help you decide if it’s right for you, and answer any questions you have. If it’s the right choice, they’ll help you apply.
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Habito One in the news

You can save £1,000s on mortgage fees.
The mortgage arrangement fee on one of these deals is expensive at £1,995, but you’ll only ever have to pay it once (unless you need to borrow more in future). In comparison, if you remortgaged five or 10 times over the course of paying off your mortgage to various two or five-year fixes, you might end up paying £10,000+ in product fees overall.
The deals offer unprecedented certainty and flexibility.
You’re taking out a mortgage knowing your payments will stay the same for the whole term regardless of interest rates in the wider market or economic uncertainty, and if you want to switch deals you’ll be able to do so without paying thousands of pounds in early repayment charges.
Habito’s deal is a game-changer.
If you’re 55 and need a 20-year term on your mortgage, taking you past retirement and therefore into unknown income territory, this regulatory requirement means your options are few and very expensive.

About the lender:

Habito is a mortgage broker and lender. We help people find their perfect mortgage out of 20,000+ options, and we create mortgages of our own to solve real world problems that we hear about from our customers. We’ll always make sure you get the right mortgage, whether that’s with Habito or another lender.
Here’s how we keep it fair.

We created Habito One because customers were telling us they felt trapped by inflexible mortgage rules, that they were tired of switching deals every few years, and that they wanted more certainty about their financial future.

We’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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